If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to  
and someone will contact you.

Please remember that you must be fingerprinted in order to volunteer at DVS. Please make an appointment by contacting Mrs. Soucie in the office: 432-1233.

We are looking for people to begin taking over some of the events and supports from our graduating 5th grade parents.  Specifically the following ones:

   * Book a DJ, organize decorations, organize food donations

    * Organize themed artwork from students
    * Stage the artwork at Coffee Factory downtown in December
    * Coordinate with NH PTA
    * Organize a workshop for the kids to begin their artwork
    * and more (it's pretty big)

Spring Fair:
      * Organize carnival-style games outside
      * Set up 1 mile fun-run
      * Get the middle school band to play?
      * lots more

Star Reading:
      * Send Calendars home with students
      * Review calendars, return prizes for readers
      * organize incentives / bonuses
      * coordinate with Sara Martin for $10 final incentive at book fair
      * etc.

Sunshine Math:
      * Similar to Star Reading, but for Math.
           + Organize graders for the worksheets

Staff Dinner:
       * Buy food and organize it for teachers during Conference Day (early December)

Student Supplies:
    * Coordinate with teachers and purchase some necessities for the students: homework folders, 5th grade planners, etc.