If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to  
and someone will contact you.

Please remember that you must be fingerprinted in order to volunteer at DVS. Please make an appointment at the superintendent's office. 432-1210.

Below are some of the exciting events happening at DVS. Hope you can come out and have some fun with us! 

5/16/2018 Our own Amy Landry will be hosting at STEAM night at DVS starting at 6:00.

4/2/2018 is our Enrichment kickoff. Each night at DVS, starting on 4/2/18 for three weeks there will be multiple classes held at the school for the children. We need a lot of volunteers for this event. We need people to teach the classes and to organize dismissal. Enrichment lasts for three weeks.

  Our talent show will take place on Thursday, May 3 at Stockbridge Theater in Derry,NH.   Stay tuned for more information!

5/21 Through 5/25 is Teacher Appreciation Week. Please look for a Sing Up Genius to help us thank our teachers for all they do for our kids!

Sunday, June 3 is our Spring Fair. This year we are amping up our spring fair in celebration of DVS turning 50. Stay Tuned for more information on this very exciting, fun-filled day!

Field Day is coming in June! Exact dates will be sent out shortly. Please keep a look out for these dates because we always need parents to come help us on field day!