PTA membership is open to anyone with a relationship to the school.  Parents, teachers, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, former parents, and alumni are all welcome.  Now it's easier than ever to sign up with your credit card.

PTA membership cards are normally sent home in the associated child's folder.   If you would like to receive your membership card a different way, please fill out the "Additional Instructions" field during checkout.  At checkout you will also be asked for your email and a mailing address, which are required by NH PTA records.

Please fill out the boxes with the information of the student with whom you'd like us to send your membership card home.

Please consider donating $2 more, rounding up to $10. DVS PTA only receives a portion of your membership. 
$2.25 goes to National PTA and $3.00 goes to NH State PTA. We appreciate your support!  

Memberships are per adult.