Cow Pie Bingo

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Enter To Win $250 with our Cow Pie Bingo Game!

Derry Village School will be borrowing a cow to poop for your profit!


1. Cow Pie Bingo will take place on June 3 at 1:00 at Derry Village School front lawn.

2. The actual field grid on the ground will be clearly marked with all ‘land parcel’ squares being of equal shape and size. The field grid (and cow) will be protected by a barrier or fence. Spectators and ‘land parcel’ square-holders must not interfere with the progress of the event.

3. Up to 100 land parcel tickets will be sold at $10 each. Proceeds from cow pie bingo fundraiser will benefit the Derry Village School PTA.

4. Land parcel square assignments will be randomly selected on or about June 1, 2018.  A poster or list will be printed noting land parcel ticket-holder names and numbered square assignment. This will be on display on our Facebook page.

5. At 1:00 pm on June 3, 2018, a cow will be led into the designated grid area by an appropriate handler and allowed to freely roam within the grid area until the first cow pie or “plop” (NOT cow pee) is placed by the cow on a square. If the cow has not placed a cow pie within 3 hours (by 4:00pm on June 3, 2018) the prize money will be awarded to the ticket holder of the ‘land parcel’ square where the cow’s right front hoof is placed at 4:00pm.

6. The ticket holder of the land parcel square on which the cow pie lands will win $250.00.  In the event that not all land parcel square tickets are sold, 50% of all ‘land parcel’ squares sold by 12:00 noon on June 3, 2018.

7. If the cow pie or “plop” lands on bordering ‘land parcels’ (crossing the line connecting the squares), the square with the largest cow pie (width and depth) wins.

8. If the cow pie lands on a square that is unsold (in the event that tickets for all 100 ‘land parcel’ squares do not sell), the winner will be the closest “sold” square or squares immediately adjacent to and sharing at least one full side with the unnumbered, unsold square. This could end up being more than one winner (up to, but not to exceed, 4 winners) who would share in the prize money equally.

9. ‘Land parcel’ square holders need not be present to win.

10. The decision of the designated Cow Pie event line judge(s), with respect to the event winner(s), is final.

16. The winner will be recognized at the conclusion of the Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser. If the winner is not present, the winner will be notified by phone and/or email and will then have 30 days to claim the prize money. Unclaimed prize monies will be donated to Derry Village School PTA.

17. The event will proceed on June 3, 2018, rain or shine. If there is thunder/lightening at 1:00pm on June 3, 2018, the Cow Pie Bingo event will be canceled. The cash prize winner will then be established by a randomly selected attendee; the attendee will draw one ticket from a hat and the winner will be announced that day.