Derry village school could use a sandbox.  Not the kind you might have in your yard, but a
real sandbox - 8 feet by 16 feet and 10 inches deep, in fact.  It's going to take 4,900 pounds of sand to fill it in!

The materials for the sandbox and handicap/standing sand table will cost about $900.  A lot less if we can find some charitable discounts or donations (please contact if you have an in with a quarry or lumber supplier).

Kids of all grades in elementary like to dig.  There are decent sized holes in the ground at the DVS playground from kids digging (and getting more dirty than necessary to boot).

I (JJ) asked the chair of the playground improvement committee at East Derry what the #1 best thing they changed last year.  Without hesitation he said "built the [8x8] sandbox and sand table".  What would he have done differently?  "Make the sandbox bigger."

Let's make this happen to open the 2017-18 year.

East Derry's 8x8 sandbox and sand table.  The plans for our sandbox are twice as long, and the same width allowing for multiple groups of kids to play concurrently, with the same sand table.