Free and Reduced Lunch and Breakfast

Did you know?

¿Sabía usted que el formulario de almuerzo gratuito está disponible en español aquí:

Did you know that signing up for free/reduced meals can help all DVS students who need extra help in math?
            * additional staff are added to help with math when DVS's free/reduced lunch enrollment is above the state average.
            * Most years, DVS is within just a few students of receiving this funding, sometimes missing out?

Did you know that a family of 4 with a monthly income of $3,747 qualifies for reduced meals?

Did you know that a family of 3 with a monthly income of $2,184 qualifies for free breakfast and lunch?

Did you know that the lunch cards for paid and free lunch are identical, and no one in the school can tell who is on free or reduced lunch?

Did you know that you can receive this benefit while on unemployment?

Did you know that if you have a child on free/reduced meals you qualify for $9.95/month internet from Comcast (For more information, please call 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376) )

Did you know that the office can help you fill it out, and keep it confidential?

Did you know that a note to parents about school lunch can be found here?

Did you know that the forms to fill out for free/reduced lunch and breakfast can be found here?

Did you know that half day kindergartners may apply for free or reduced milk here?

Did you know that you can send the free meal application in with your child's folder in an envelope labelled "Susan Baroskas"?