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What does it cost to join?

The cost for membership is just $10 for the year. Just click join on the navigation bar and you can use your credit card.

 What's the school's website?


 There's no place to chat or ask other members questions on this website? Where do I go for that?

Join our private Facebook Group.

Do I have to go to meetings?

No, not really - but you should. Meetings are an optional part of PTA membership. However, meetings are held in order to provide you with information about what's going on at school and in the PTA. At meetings you get to vote on and support the direction of where the PTA is going as well as provide input on what we do for the school and students.

When are the meetings?

Meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 6:30 to 8:00 in the DVS school library. Childcare is provided at no charge.

A Google calendar of events is kept up to date by the school and includes all PTA meetings and events which can be easily imported into most personal calendars. It can be found here: http://dvs.sau10.org/calendar.

I paid my dues, is that all I need to do?

Membership dues are really just the tip of the iceberg. Volunteering is the lifeblood of our PTA. We rely on your presence at events, social activities, fundraisers, and programs. The PTA is here to fill the gaps and enhance the education our children receive. Volunteering and your presence in our school helps to foster a sense of community at DVS and between our DVS families.

 Can I do anything now to help raise money besides donating at the link I see on the left?


One of our most profitable fundraisers is through collecting Boxtops for education, which can be found on many products; mostly non-perishable food items. It's never too early to start clipping these, or better yet start having your child clip these.   We only collect these once a year (instructions will be sent home in your child's folder) but you can collect them all year long.

Ever shop on Amazon?  If so, the next time use http://smile.amazon.com instead. Choose "Derry Village School PTA" as your charity and Amazon will donate a percentage of your charges to us whenever you remember to use smile.amazon.com instead of just amazon.com.  If you're tech savvy and aren't sure you will remember the 'smile' every time, there are extensions for most browsers that will do it automatically for you. Unfortunately, the Amazon apps do not support the smile program at this time.

Hannaford supermarket works with nearby schools to raise money. Keep an eye out for a place to put your receipt with Derry Village School PTA written on it.

What are some of the things the PTA organizes?

We try to focus our efforts on programs and events to enhance the students' overall experience at DVS. As much as possible we try to keep our fundraisers fun! Here are some of our programs, fundraisers, events, and support services we provide or aid:

Ø  After School Enrichment

Ø  Cultural Arts assemblies and presentations

Ø  Field Trips

Ø  Holiday Fair

Ø  Ice Cream Social

Ø  Back-To-School Barbecue

Ø  Clothing Swap

Ø  Talent Show

Ø  STAR Reading Program

Ø  Sunshine Math Program

Ø  Classroom and student supplies

Can I just pay one price and be done for the rest of the year?

Yes. You can do that and we appreciate your donation (see "donate" on the left side task bar). You can also write a check to "Derry Village School PTA" and put it in an envelope labeled "DVS PTA Treasurer" in your child's folder. Cash donations may be made at PTA meetings or at some PTA events. Please do not put a cash donation in your child's folder.

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Aug 5, 2016, 12:52 PM